Edwin de Boer

Vice President, Supply Chain Transformation, Cisco Systems Inc.

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Vita (EN)

He has worked in Asia, Europe and United States and is now located at Cisco headquarters in San Jose, USA. Edwin plays a critical role in enabling the success of the Supply Chain, setting the Supply Chain strategy, managing the transformation agenda including the portfolio management process, business architecture, and experimentation in Supply Chain, integrating acquisitions seamlessly, managing the security and mitigating the vulnerability of the Supply Chain and creating a sustainable future while driving circular economy principles across Cisco.

Edwin is coordinating efforts for Supply Chain’s contribution to Cisco Operations, including alignment to the global transformation agenda. Previously he worked suppliers of logistic ERP tools and business consulting firms. He has a Masters degree in Business from the University of Groningen, Netherlands, with specialisation in Supply Chain Management. He has in depth knowledge of Supply Chain Management solutions in large companies, and has performed sales, consultancy and operational management roles.